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CREATIV.SU is a brand of LLC RBA Design

CREATIV.SU (LLC RBA Design) is Russia’s leading company that has a unique experience designing ATMs and customer-activated terminals and creating self-service banking zones in accordance with strict bank brand-book and technical installation and operational requirements for banking equipment. ATMs design is exclusively conducted by company experts who have experience working with films and mastering technical features of bank equipment.

We offer you a set of services including a complete technological design cycle for ATMs, terminals and self-service banking zones:

  • Development of a decorative design of ATMs, terminals and self-service banking zones.
  • Large-format printing, laminating and cutting of printed matter.
  • Manufacturing of advertising structures for ATMs and self-service banking zones.
  • Installation of ATMs, terminals and self-service banking zones.
  • Design of ATMs, terminals and self-service banking zones.
  • Production of commercials for ATMs and terminals.
  • Design and production of promotional materials.
Адрес и контактная информация
телефон офиса в Майами, США
+1 (786)306-26-24
офисы в США:
9267, Legare St, Boca Raton, FL, 33434
Fontana Plaza, 9045, La Fontana BLVD, #205, Boca Raton, FL, 33434
телефон представительства в Москве, Россия:
+7 (916) 999-99-11 / +7 (916) 999-99-22


RBA Design International 
+7 (916) 999-99-11
+7 (916) 999-99-22

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